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 Registered Massage Therapy 

There are many types of "modalities" that can be studied by RMT's (Registered Massage Therapists) after their 2-year regular program. At Karmic Kneads we offer; Relaxation Massage, Hot Stone, Cold Stone, Tai Stem, Deep Tissue, Static Cupping, Dynamic Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Taping, Hydrotherapy/Aromatherapy, Pre and Post-Natal, Infant/Child and M.P.S. (Micro Point Stimulation) and Senior Care.

Cocoon Wellness Pro Infrared Therapy

The Cocoon Wellness Pro System combines both dry heat and infrared heat with vibratory massage, aromatherapy, and salt air for the ultimate body transformation and relaxation experience.

Health Coaching

A health coach is someone who helps you visualize your goals and potential. Each session focuses on different facets of diet, fitness, and personal growth. They hold you accountable while teaching you how to create healthy habits; that will turn into the healthy lifestyle you want and deserve.


Reiki is a holistic healing therapy that treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit. You leave feeling relaxed, peaceful, and energized; ready to take on the challenges of life.

Prenatal & Postnatal Care 

Helping pregnant ‚Äčand postpartum folks sift through mountains of conflicting information to come up with realistic, concise, and evidence-based plans that meet the needs of their growing family. https://nurturedrumheller.janeapp.com/

Micro Point Stimulation

MPS is used to relieve nerve pain and break up thickened scar tissue that can restrict movement. 

Massage Therapy Pricing

Pricing for Registered Massage therapy is regulated by our governing bodies. (M.T.A.A)

All Prices Include Taxes

30 minute Massage          $52.50

45 Minute Massage           $73.50

60 Minute Massage         $89.25

90 Minute Massage            $126

Hot stone or Tai Stem           $147



30 minutes $75.00

60 minutes $105.00

Health Coaching 

$40  for 60 minutes 

10 weeks of sessions

Cocoon Wellness Pro Infrared Therapy

15 minutes - $15.75

30 minutes- $31.50

45 minutes- $52.50

Pricing for Prenatal and postnatal care on the following link: