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Meet Our Team

Sonia Linn


Registered Massage Therapist

While completing my clinic hours I was blessed to work in 2 different spas. Each with its own practitioners with different modalities, theories, and skillsets.

After school, I settled at the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Drumheller where the focus is primarily therapeutic massage and rehabilitation. I am forever grateful to those that shared their knowledge and years of experience.

After five years at the clinic, I began looking for ways to combine the comfortable, calming, and safe atmosphere of a spa with the high-quality, skilled practitioners that you would expect at a clinic. This has led to Karmic Kneads. 

Amy Miller

Registered Massage Therapist 

Health Coaching 

Herbalist & Creator Of Hoodoo Herbals

Amy Miller R.M.T. Since 2005. Providing relaxation, therapeutic, hot stone and, pregnancy massage as well as certified in cupping therapy. I have a passion for helping people in all facets of health and wellness. I am also a certified Health Coach and am currently working on becoming a Clinical Herbalist

Michelle Durette

Reiki Master 

 Holistic Relaxation Therapist

I Received my Reiki Certification at Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta and Holistic Relaxation Therapist Certification at Natural Health Institute, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Reiki has been a blessing to me and so far, my journey of energy healing has been an amazing one. I am passionate about helping others to heal themselves while on this life’s journey. Not only do I use Reiki for healing, but I also specialize in helping people through stress, anxiety, and depression. Using my intuition to connect to your energy, Reiki guides me to find your most prominent blockages, allowing me to help balance the flow of energy through your entire system. This free flow of energy is essential to a life of good health and happiness. Being at one with the universe is to be in harmony with everything that exists.

Dr. Pamela MacDonald (Pam)

Naturopathic Doctor

Pregnancy, Lactation and Pelvic Floor Care

Pam MacDonald (she/her) is the naturopathic doctor behind Nurture Naturopathic Care. She
helps people who are pregnant, feeding babies, or recovering from birthing babies.  Though Pam is not licensed as a midwife in Alberta, she has a unique perspective to maternity care that combines the utmost respect for conventional medicine and research with the gentle wisdom of prevention and natural medicine. If you are looking to add a naturopathic doctor to your care team, Pam is currently offering
comprehensive prenatal visits, prenatal lactation preparation classes, lactation/breastfeeding
support visits, and pelvic floor care. She sees clients in-office, virtually or in their homes.