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Karmic Kneads was born from the idea that Massage Therapy is about helping people attain their health goals. More time between patients and the option of follow up is a part of every treatment, whether it's for relaxation or an ongoing condition- you are important here and not just a number.


There are many types of "modalities" that can be studied by RMT's  (Registered Massage Therapist)  after their 2-year regular program.  At Karmic Kneads we offer; Relaxation Massage, Hot Stone, Cold Stone, Tai Stem, Deep Tissue, Static Cupping, Dynamic Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Taping, Hydrotherapy/Aromatherapy, Pre and Post-Natal, Infant/Child and M.P.S. (Micro Point Stimulation) and Senior Care.


M.P.S. Is used to relieve nerve pain and break up thickened scar tissue that can restrict movement. Click the link to view a demonstration via Youtube.


The Cocoon Wellness Pod is an Infrared Sauna that is completely adjustable by the user. Infrared is a dry heat that sinks deep into the body to relieve pain, especially that associated with Osteoarthritis. The Pod utilizes a cooling Himalayan salt infused breeze along the face to improve lung function, eliminate bacteria, and help relieve allergy symptoms.  There is also a soothing Massage function that is again completely adjustable.  Times are sold in 15min intervals that include an extra 15 minutes to allow plenty of time to change, relax, and drink some fresh filtered water.